2121 adams ave

san diego ca 92116


Circa harkens back to a time when soda was called pop, music was played with classic hi-fi stereo components, and time moved at a slower pace. We serve rustic, slow-cooked California comfort food paired with craft beers and great wines. Everything is proudly made from scratch using locally sourced produce, and all natural fresh meats. 

Chef Mike Almos and his wife Terri opened Circa in 2014, their first joint venture, in the University Heights neighborhood of San Diego.

About Chef Mike Almos

 Mike grew up in Leucadia and is a lifelong San Diegan. As a kid he surfed, skateboarded, played baseball and basketball, but it was soccer that really got him hooked (he still plays organized soccer when he’s not in the kitchen). Mike has always loved the ocean and lived aboard his sailboat for 12 years in Point Loma before meeting his wife Terri and moving ashore to live with her in their 1920s Spanish bungalow in South Park. Mike is drawn to all things vintage, from vinyl music on vintage hi-fi stereos, retro style clothes and cool hats, to rumbling in the mountains on his Harley Road King Classic.

Mike started cooking at the age of 15 and has worked in a wide variety of restaurants and catering environments. Mike has designed, opened, and worked in several San Diego restaurants (Piret's, 150 Grand Cafe, Delicias, Roger's on Fifth), and most recently served as regional executive chef for a North American catering company providing cuisine for Qualcomm Stadium and the San Diego Convention Center. Circa is Mike's first solo restaurant. 

Mike has long been a proponent of local product and his philosophy is to buy fresh and buy local. He believes that Mother Nature is the best chef and the longer she touches the produce the better it will taste. Mike tries to stay out of the way of natural flavors and let the food speak for itself. While he is well versed in a wide variety of culinary styles and techniques, his focus is in French theory incorporating the regional flavors of the Southwestern/Baja California and old fashioned preparation techniques to make slow-cooked rustic dishes. He calls it California Soul Food!

Mike & Terri Almos live with their greyhound Margie in South Park.

Mike & Terri Almos live with their greyhound Margie in South Park.

About Terri Almos

Terri grew up in Langhorne, a suburb of Philadelphia Pennsylvania, went to college at Pennsylvania State University and received her PhD at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland. She currently works at GSK, a global healthcare company.

She enjoys motorcycling with Mike, flying (she got her VFR license in 2008), painting and sewing (her mom was a tailor), practicing yoga, Pilates, and running with their retired greyhound Margie. Mike and Terri met on, quickly discovered their shared love for wind-driven sports, music, and great food, and the rest is history!

About Margie

Terri fell in love with greyhounds when she adopted her first retired racer named Buckskin Bonnie in 2007. Greyhounds are big sweet goofy dogs with hearts of gold, and when Bonnie died in 2013 they decided to adopt their second greyhound from The Greyhound Adoption Agency in Jamul. Margie raced in Tijuana until her retirement in 2013, and within 3 months found her way into Mike & Terri's hearts and her new home in South Park. Greyhounds can reach a full speed of 43 mph within six strides, so you will see her walking in the neighborhood always on leash just in case she sees something exciting and decides to speed off; Mike has long legs but he's no match for Margie when she's off to the races!